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Web timesheets


The system of accounting of working time «WebTimeSheet» prednaznachenie for the optimization of such a business process of a company, as keeping the timetable of its employees.

The main features of the system are:

  • Web-access to the single Timecard registration of working time with all the company's branches;
  • Daily monitoring of filling in timesheets and staff attendance;
  • Export of finished monthly time sheet attendance in MS Excel to print, transfer of corporate accounting and delivery of the reporting of attendance to the company management;
  • Automatic calculation of the bolnichniy business days;
  • Automatic calculation of working hours and minutes;
  • Automatic recognition of workdays and days off;
  • Reference book holidays and automatic transfer of output;
  • Possibility of manual korrektirovki weekends and holidays for each year;
  • Logging of changes in the time sheet;
  • Flexible management of the staff;
  • Grouping of employees by divisions;
  • Base integration of employees with LDAP and Active Directory;
  • Built-in system of roles and permissions of the users;
  • Integration with access control systems (ACS) FingerTec;
  • Intuitive graphic interface;
  • Various possibilities for configuring system;
  • Control of the dates of acceptance and dismissal employees with work.

For a more visual examples, You can see the screenshots of this application.

The main printed:


Administration page:


History of changes timesheet:





Base station GPS


Base station GPS Is a high-tech device intended for the correction of the errors of the GPS satellites and the transmission of more precise information to those employees who work with the field of GPS-receivers.

Is used in our company, as an effective means of eliminating any errors when carrying out topographic and providing our customers with the most accurate and current information on the coordinates of certain objects.


The data for access:

login: ftpleica

Password: tldgpsaccess

Direct link: ftp://ftpleica:tldgpsaccess@


Cartographic portal CityFace


Navigation and search system of the CITY FACE is developed using the modern GIS-technologies.

The main elements of the CITY FACE:

  1. electronic map of the city of Astana
  2. base of data of the enterprises of the city of Astana

The first version of the CITY FACE was developed in 2009. Changes and additions of the first version of STU FACE are not produced. For lovers of history, archival version dated July 29, 2010 is available here.

Online electronic map of the city of Astana and the online database of the enterprises of the city of Astana available to users in the modern version of the CITY FACE.

CITY FACE online provides residents and visitors of Astana, the following possibilities:

  1. Arbitrarily scale, and move the electronic map of the city of Astana.
  2. Install the standard scale display the electronic map of the city of Astana.
  3. Measure on the electronic map of the city of Astana distances and areas.
  4. Search and find the streets of the city of Astana under the name.
  5. Search and find the house of the city of Astana.
  6. Print or save a fragment of the map of the city of Astana in the required scale.
  7. Find public or commercial enterprises of the city of Astana by name, address or phone.
  8. Locate businesses of the city of Astana by types of activity.
  9. Submit an application to add, change to the database of the enterprises of the city of Astana
  10. Apply for removal of the company from the database of the enterprises of the city of Astana
  11. Submit an application to add or change activities in the database of the enterprises of the city of Astana.

To add your company to the database CITY FACE, please click «Apply». Within 2-3 working days, the application will be checked by moderator and published on the map.

All proposals and remarks on work of the portal, You can direct our open system tracking comments and suggestions.

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Unified information analysis system for water management


Unified information analysis system for water management of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – EASULR, the Portal was created in order to improve the system of water resources management and water efficiency. It is designed as an organizing link emerges of a single information space, is to improve the sharing and management of water information.

Means IASWR into a single information space uniting a large number of participants in the process of  the use of water resources,  starting with the primary water user and ending with the state-level governance (Committee for water resources at Ministry of agriculture of the RK). The system was developed using GIS technology.

IASWR designed for collection, processing, analysis, storage, transmission and presentation of data with the goal of systematically ensuring  managers of different level of information used in solving of management tasks, such as registration of the status of water resources, control over their use, monitoring of water resources and hydraulic structures, calculation of water balances.

The system is implemented as a WEB application, but divided into three blocks through different access to the system resources. Each block is intended for a range of users:

  • block users Committee for water resources (CWR)
  • block users basin inspection (BI)
  • block external users

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Project management system Redmine


We appreciate our customers and try to offer them the best tools for establishing joint dialogue. One of such means is a popular system of project management Redmine.

Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.
Redmine is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL).

This product provides the following features:

  • Multiple projects support;
  • Flexible role based access control;
  • Flexible issue tracking system;
  • Gantt chart and calendar;
  • News, documents & files management;
  • Feeds & email notifications;
  • Per project wiki;
  • Per project forums;
  • Time tracking;
  • Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users;
  • SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs);
  • Issue creation via email;
  • Multiple LDAP authentication support;
  • User self-registration support;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • Multiple databases support.

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GitLab – platform for organization of joint work with Git repositories


Our company actively operates in the field of software development. Projects carried out by our company are large and require the competent approach to the organization of the development process. In addition, our team of developers is distributed geographically, which imposes additional requirements on how they will form a single code base for our software products.

In order to have a good structured development environment, our team of developers actively use modern means of organization code, namely: the version control system git-web-management application code repositories GitLab,

GitLab is open source software to collaborate on code. Create projects and repositories, manage access and do code reviews.

GitLab allows you to

  • keep your code secure on your own server
  • manage repositories, users and access permissions
  • communicate through issues, line-comments and wiki pages
  • perform code review with merge requests

GitLab is

  • powered by Ruby on Rails
  • completely free and open source (MIT license)
  • used by more than 50.000 organizations to keep their code secure

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