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Happy Nauryz meiramy

Dear colleagues, partners and visitors of our site!
LLP Nadir congratulates you on the wonderful holiday of Nauryz!
Nauryz is a holiday of Spring, warmth and hospitality! From the bottom of the heart we wish good, love and peace to your home! Let this holiday bring you much joy, fun, prosperity and success!


We draw your attention to the schedule of the office of our company on the holiday of Nauryz.
The days off from March 19, 2017 to March 23, 2017.


Aerial photography for you. Dreams come true!

Remember who you wanted to become as a child?

Many of us dreamed of becoming pilots, cosmonauts, military, stewardesses, firemen, policemen. Sometimes it came to debate. And to be better !? Remember?

Thanks to our parents, teachers and Sergey Mikhalkov (the poem “What about you!”) For a good upbringing and an explanation of the importance of all professions!

In the dreams of adults more practicality, reality, reach. Mature people for the most part set themselves achievable goals, remembering the sincere simplicity and naivety of their childhood illusions.

We urge everyone: “Keep dreaming the same way as in childhood, sincerely, naively, cleanly! Do not limit yourself! The probability that you will achieve your goals is now much higher. You have become strong, you have the experience and knowledge! “

Our dreams come true. For several years, we have been studying the feasibility of using aerial photography technology from unmanned aerial vehicles to create cartographic material. Dreamed how it would be great to quickly get orthophotos, improving the quality of their work and reducing their cost price!

The main inconvenience in using UAV, in our opinion, is the need to obtain permits from government agencies. At the same time, we understand the need for state regulation of air traffic. Even at heights of up to 500 meters, especially on the territory of settlements – the life and health of people is the highest value

In 2016, we bought a relatively inexpensive quadrocopter DJI Inspire 1. We learned how to manage, admired the flying qualities of this drone. We got the first photos taken in the nadir from different heights. We learned to eliminate the distortion of the optical system and matrix of the ZENMUSE X3 camera. We estimated the quality and accuracy of the images. We survived the first incident, got injured – so we strongly recommend that everyone comply with safety regulations and legislation on the use of airspace!

air1 air2 air3
air4 air5 air6
air7 air8 air9

Having received the first experience and positive results, we decided to purchase a professional aerophotogrammetric complex. They studied the market of manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles of near and far abroad. Analyzed two fundamentally different types of aircraft: a helicopter and an airplane.

The Geoscan 401 helicopter proved to be the most effective solution for the problems facing us. The claimed performance characteristics, cost and relatively accessible maintenance base had a significant impact when signing the supply contract with OOO Geoscann.


A group of our employees in February 2017 took courses in theoretical and practical training on the management of the Geoscan 401 Pro unmanned complex in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg met our employees with cloudy winter weather, weak wind and little snow. Photographs obtained during training flights on a special test range do not represent a large cartographic value. The artistic and documentary value, as well as the quality of some photos, you can evaluate yourself.

air10 air11 air12
air13 air14 air15
air16 air17 air18
air19 air20 air21

Now we are working on registering an unmanned aerial vehicle in the Civil Aviation Committee and obtaining permission for the first flight on the site of creating an experimental three-dimensional model of the city of Astana (Astana 3D).


How to avoid complications in coordinating the executive survey

On January 20, 2017, “Nadir” LLP received notification of JSC “Astana-REC” about the features of receiving an executive survey of underground communications.

JSC “Astana-REC” informs that at present the execution of the executive survey does not take into account the construction part of the cable route: the designation of the construction part of the cable channels (pipe crossings) is not indicated, the links are indicated selectively, pipe crossings are not indicated at the intersection with other communications.

LLP “Nadir” has analyzed comments, according to the results of which it is established that they arise in case of performing an executive survey using a pipe-cable detector, which determines only the axis of the route and the depth of its occurrence.

Provisions of the RK RK 1.02-02-2008 “Engineering and geodesic surveys for construction. General rules for the performance of works “is established:

“5.11.17 During engineering surveys, an executive survey of newly laid underground communications and surveying of existing underground communications taking into account the requirements of SNiP RK 1.02-18-2004″ Engineering surveys for construction. Primary requirements”

The executive survey of underground communications is carried out in the process and at the end of construction, before filling the trenches.

Shooting of existing underground communications  performed in the absence, loss or inadequacy of the completeness and accuracy of the available materials of the executive survey. At the same time, underground communications for shooting are preliminarily searched for by a shuffle or by means of special search instruments – pipe-cable detectors. “

JSC “Astana-REC” when accepting the executive documentation will take into account the above comments. If there are any comments, the official address will be sent to the owner of the facility regarding the correction of the executive survey.

To avoid delays and additional costs when commissioning construction projects, Nadir LLP recommends construction customers, general contractors and contractors to perform executive surveys of underground utilities before backfilling.

Turn executive shooting into production schedules of works on your building sites. Surveyors need to know exactly when the networks are built, and the trench is still open.

Get a calculation of the timing of the execution of the executive survey from LLP “Nadir” right now

Ainur Amrina

Head of Active Sales Department

тел.: 8 (7172) 78 70 88, 78 70 89, 87017625344


Gulmira Mamyrbaeva

Manager for work with the client

тел.:8 (8 7172) 78 70 88, 78 70 89, 87789709143




Three-dimensional model of the city of Astana (3D Astana)

Geoinformation technologies gave all of us the opportunity to abandon paper maps and tablets. Electronic cards have become a habitual tool for the effective solution of assigned tasks. In the absence of electronic maps, we can use space images that are massively available on the Internet or from professional suppliers.

Of course, there are specialists among us who use paper cartographic material in their work, but such people are getting smaller every day and, in the near future, it will be only historians and archivists.

But before the technical and engineering staff in the near future will be set a new task – to abandon the use of electronic maps and use in work three-dimensional models.

LLP “Nadir” started experimental development work on creating a three-dimensional model of a section of the territory of the city of Astana.

Look to the future together with us – the practical results of our experienced work on creating 3D Astana are available for you on the Internet.


New quotations for geodetic surveys – SDI RK 8.03-04-2016

On October 21, 2016 by order of the Committee for Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 182-n “approved and put into effect from January 1, 2017 SDI RK 8.03-04-2016″ Collection of prices for engineering surveys for construction”.

Текст СЦИ РК 8.03-04-2016 опубликован на официальном сайте Центра ценообразования в строительстве АО «КазНИИСА» по адресу:

The collection intend to determine the cost of engineering and geodetic surveys for objects constructed from public investment in construction or at the expense of the quasi-public sector entities.

For the market entities that implement investment projects through private investment and borrowed funds that are not attracted by the state guarantee and guarantee, the collection is of a recommendatory nature and can be use as reference material in determining the cost of engineering and geodetic surveys.




We congratulate you with the New Year of 2017 and wish you every success in your good deeds!
We decided to give you “Warm Winter”!
In the period from January 4 to February 28, 2017, we propose to perform topographic and executive surveys for you on the territory of the city of Astana at special prices of the action “WARM WINTER”.
Compare special prices and hurry to take advantage of discounts from 38% to 71% !!!

  • High level of service.
  • Impeccable quality.
  • Warranty for work.
  • Coordination of topographic surveys with any state body.
  • Registration of survey results in cadastral databases.
  • Application to topographic surveys of red lines and boundaries of land plots.

Call us now, and get “WARM WINTER”!

Ainur Amrina

Head of Active Sales Department

тел.: 8 (7172) 78 70 88, 78 70 89, 87017625344


Gulmira Mamyrbaeva

Manager for work with the client

тел.:8 (8 7172) 78 70 88, 78 70 89, 87789709143




Congratulations on the new 2017 year


Dear colleagues and  distinguished partners, faithful and friends!

In the New Year, let me wish you prosperity in your homes and happiness in your families! Let the next year be as fruitful and successful for our cooperation as the outgoing one. Business successfully goes uphill, and luck never turns away from you. Peace to you, prosperity and luck!


Dear visitors of our site. We draw your attention to the New Year schedule of the office of our company. Weekends from 31.12.2016. to 03.01.2017.


Congratulation on the Capital Day

Dear colleagues, guests and residents of Astana! LLP “Nadir” congratulates you on the upcoming state holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Day of the capital! We wish you peace, good, prosperity and prosperity to the main city of the country – Astana!

Dear visitors of our site, we draw your attention to the schedule of Nadir LLP for the Capital Day: the working day starts on July 7.