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We have created a sales department


One of the main goals of Nadir LLP is systematic research and development work (RDW). We’re in a constant search of new effective decisions that allow simplifying technological processes, increase production and quality of our works. We’re proud of RDW introduction into different industrial processes that provide our clients with inalterably high quality of provided services and at the same time are our competitive strengths.

In the beginning of 2015, after two failed attempts to independently create sales department, we have decided to attract a professional consulting company with experience of providing us with services. Within three months we successfully conducted analysis of consulting services market, including preliminary talks with more than twenty companies. The next stage of the research was personal meetings with companies that rendered the most appropriate, as we thought, services.

After six month research of market and experience in performance of the similar works, including significant number of special literature, we’ve chosen a consulting company, to which we’ve given three unforgettable months of our life.Team work with professional consultants required from company employees a number of additional works, including necessity to change production and management processes in company.

Now we’re ready to say – professional active sales department is created and works under specially created for Nadir LLP technology that ensures a high level of maintenance service for our clients. Another high quality element of the company’s ”framework” was built and started to function in a stable fashion to satisfy the wants of clients and employees of Nadir LLP.

Nadir LLP expresses gratitude to the consulting company and our employees that participated in the creation of active sales department: Aygul Kayrakpekova, Leyla Rakhmetova, Valentina Pogonina, Aliya Sokrupova and Vladimir Sorokin.We wish success and well indices in commercial work to new active sales department employees that went through few stages of complicated competitive selection, training and performance review.


A daughter was born to Ykylas Beibitov

The happy event occurred in the family of Ykylas Beibitov, Lead Geodetic Engineer of Nadir LLP: dear daughter was born. 

The work collective of Nadir LLP is glad to congratulate you upon a little bundle from the heaven. The company’s management lends its support to you by paying a monetary bonus on the occasion of this happy event. The birth of a child is a priceless luck that will fill your life with new meaning. We wish your little daughter grows up to bring joy to you, lives up to your hopes, and becomes a successful individual who will be a deserved heiress and reliable support for her father and mother.



Happy birthday to you, Ilona Snezhitskaya

The work collective of Nadir LLP congratulates our colleague, Ilona Valeryevna, Map-Maker of Map-Making Department, with all heart.

Let us wish you strong health, happiness, and new discoveries of map-making secrets of our Astana.  



Astanagenplan SRDI LLP sent a letter of reference on the map survey performed in Astana

Sarsenbek Yendibayevich Zhunusov, Director of Astanagenplan Scientific Research Design Institute, sent a letter of reference on the map survey with scale 1:2,000 of the territory of Astana. The map survey was performed by Nadir LLP for elaboration of detailed land planning of the territory of the capital city of Kazakhstan.

The letter of reference of SRDI Astanagenplan LLP states that ‘Operations were performed from June through September 2015. The map survey was performed using modern surveying equipment and geo-information technologies. In performing the operations, Nadir LLP proved to be a professional that ensures good quality of the work. We recommend Nadir LLP as a responsible and reliable partner’. We appreciate that Sarsenbek Yendibayevich highly estimated the activities of the company. Our company arranged and performed the map survey of eleven land lots on the territory of Astana with the total area of 2,481 hectares within only three months. Initially, it was set forth that the work must be performed within six months. When the contract was signed, it was decided to reduce the term by two times, which did not prevent Nadir LLP from successful accomplishment of its contractual obligations. Our status of leader of information support of town-planning and architecture-and-construction activities, as well as the availability of large production facilities helped us complete the order within the term established by the customer while keeping high standards of quality. A high resolution satellite image of the territory of Astana was used to ensure quick supply of input data to Astanagenplan SDRI LLP, (WorldView-3).The use of the satellite image helped the customer accelerate development of detailed plans considerably, and receive the unique information about the condition of surface of the areas of Astana being surveyed. In addition, the satellite image helped control the field activities objectively. The climate conditions of the area of operations were not always good. One of areas being surveyed was located on the territory of Lake Taldykol. The open areas of the lake and swamped area with thick bed of rushes created obstacles for surveyors. In these difficult conditions, the surveyors of Nadir LLP performed over two thousand measurements of bottom depth. According to the measurements performed by Nadir LLP, the bottom relief of Lake Taldykol was built to be used by the customer for proper grading and leveling of the territory of future development of the capital city of Kazakhstan. Extremely high air temperature was also an obstacle for the surveyors, machines and equipment. According to a joint resolution of the management and employees of Nadir LLP, the work day began from 4:00 AM. High professional level and dedication of all employees of Nadir LLP helped them accomplish the operations at some areas ahead of time. Currently, our company is ready to perform the toughest work at constantly high quality level.



Congratulations to Nadezhda Ogorodnik upon wedding!

The work collective of Nadir LLP with all heart congratulates Nadezhda Ogorodnik, Secretary of Uralsk Branch of our company, upon her wedding, the happiest day of life.

On the occasion of this happy day, by resolution by the management of Nadir LLP, a monetary bonus is paid to Nadezhda. We wish you more happiness and love, and always accompany your spouse, and of course, wish they celebrate their golden wedding!married-300x169


Corporate vacation at Sunkar Recreation Center at Zerenda Village


A good manager who pays attention to both corporate finances and his/her employees, who are the basis of the finances, knows well that the work collective is not just unknown people who work at the company, but the Team.

One of the factors determining the performance of our company is the team cohesion. For that purpose, we choose corporate vacation. It improves the corporate team spirit as nothing else. We do not arrange it as a basket picnic but as an activity. For that purpose, the last weekend we visited an excellent vacation area, Sunkar Recreation Center at Zerendy Village. It is the place with extremely picturesque landscape, and it will leave cold no one. We stayed at the recreation area for a day, and every minute was assigned to the active games scheduled. Like all good people, we arrived by the lunch. The lunch was very tasty, and home-made. Then, we had a short walk, and enjoyed fresh air filled with pine odors. And then, active games started. We played bowling, basketball, and football. In the evening, karaoke and dancing party were arranged. Later, we arranged a barbeque party. By the way, the meat for barbeque party was pre-marinated by the handymen of our team. The barbeque party was accompanied by guitar playing, songs around the bonfire performed by our all-round developed employees. Later, guests from Kostanai joined us. It was no wonder because it was very funny with us. In early morning, at dew-fall, we started hiking. The air was wonderful. The local scene was fabulous, and you see it on our photos. After hiking, we had a lunch, and went back home on a comfortable bus. The local administration was pleasantly surprised by our activity, and well, it is clear because we are active at both work and vacation.


Careers at Nadir LLP

We are searching for new employees to fill the following positions in a new project:

More information on the requirements and conditions for the applicants can be seen on our website in section Vacancies.

Please email Your resumes to by October 19, 2015, or send to: 19, Imanov Street, Astana, office 708, phone 8 (7172) 78 70 88, or 8 (778) 970 91 47. In addition, if you are registered on, You can send a reply in respect of the vacancies: Head of Sales Department, Deputy Head of Sales Department, Manager of Sales Department, Regional Manager, Assistant Sales Manager.

Interview will be arranged only after resume is considered!


Congratulations upon the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear people of Kazakhstan, and residents and guests of Astana, and our workfellows and friends!

We rush to congratulate you upon the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the 20th anniversary of our basic law, the utmost values of which are an individual, his/her life, and rights and freedoms. The multinational people of Kazakhstan had to go through many historic events and changes until true independence was achieved, and Basic Law of our country was adopted. We would like to give a small chronological note on the history of our Constitution. The first Constitution of our country was adopted by Decree of the Central Executive Committee of Kazakh Autonomous Soviet Social Republic on February 18, 1925 after USSR was established. Then, the Constitution of the Kazakh SSR was adopted at the 10th All-Kazakh Meeting of Councils on March 26, 1937, and later, the Constitution of the Kazakh SSR was adopted at the 7th extraordinary session of the Supreme Council of Republic of the 9th convocation on April 20, 1978. In 1991, after breakdown of USSR, Kazakhstan declared its independence.

The country was renamed to the Republic of Kazakhstan. The first constitution of independent Kazakhstan was adopted at the 9th session of the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan of the 12th convocation on January 28, 1993. The current Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted at the nationwide referendum on August 30, 1995. So, this day is the official holiday, the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this year, the jubilee of the Basic Law and the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan will be celebrated at the official level.

In all regions of Kazakhstan, official ceremonies and events will be held. On August 30-31, many events will be held in Astana including concerts, festivals, exhibitions, meetings, information lessons, excursions and science-and-practice conferences.

The management and work collective of Nadir LLP sincerely wish the whole people of Kazakhstan peace and welfare, successes and well-being!


Congratulations on marriage of Ikilas Kiyanbekovich Beibitov

Our colleagues are those with whom we are tied by common work. However, we live most of our lives at work, communicating with colleagues much time. Often, they become our truly close people, who can help us in tight situation and share our joy. Such a joyful event for our collective is the marriage of our colleague, Ikilas Kiyanbekovich Beibitov, Lead Geodetic Surveyor, held on August 1, 2015.

We want to congratulate you, our colleague!

Today, you are different.

We have just learnt what changed,

You are not alone, you are with your beautiful wife.

Let love and happiness fly into your home,

To live there forever.

Let your whole life with Mariya be good,

Let peace, coziness and understanding be present in your life.

Be always happy just as now.

And feel giddy from happiness….

We wish you harmony, love and welfare!

Working collective of Nadir LLC



Congratulations from Nadir LLC’s working collective on newborns

A working collective is like a family, it has a head and other family members, and everyone depends on each other, and everyone is interrelated. In addition, like in a real family, a working collective has its joys, successes, victories, and holidays to be celebrated. A birthday party held at work is an old-time and good tradition in every united and tight-knit collective. Almost everyone lives most of his or her life at work, and so, as a rule, he or she shares the joy of holiday with the working collective.

Well, our working collective has a good news!!! We sincerely congratulate our dear colleagues on newborns: Natalya Anatolyevna Kozak, Head of Map-Making Unit, who gave birth to a daughter on July 10, 2015, and Yerlan Kenzhitayevich Sarsengaliyev, Lead Software Engineer of Software Unit of Uralsk Branch, who had a son born on July 14, 2015.

Mother and father! We wish your babies grow well-looking, healthy and happy! Let this day become the happiest for your family! Let every smile of your baby be a huge reward for you. The baby learns this world, and the world smiles back! Children are huge and great happiness. They make us open-hearted and strong because they are both our future and present. Children are love, respect and understanding!

Due to the babies born, the company’s management is glad to present a good news about paying monetary benefits to the above employees!