Aerial photography and a three-dimensional model (3D model) of the pit in Bestobe village

LLP “Nadir” completed aerial photography of the pit failure of the “Dalnyaya” zone “Bestobe mine” for JSC “Mining and Metallurgical Concern Kazakhaltyn”.


“Instrumental topographic aerial photography was carried out with use of the modern complex for aerial photography. The shooting was done taking into account the requirements of the contract.

It should be noticed that the aerial photography was complicated by a non-standard configuration of the pit. The danger for the work was also caused by scraps of the pit sides. To perform the work of LLP “Nadir”, a detailed aerial survey of the bottom of the pit was made. As a result of the shooting, a high-quality, high-precision 3D model was obtained, including the bottom of the pit. A dense cloud of the pit was built. The accuracy of the resulting 3D model and the cloud meets the requirements of normative and technical documentation.

In the course of the work, LLP “Nadir” showed itself as a professional in the sphere of rendered services, with high-quality performance of works.

We recommend LLP “Nadir” as a responsible and reliable partner, “- said in a response to the services rendered by JSC” Mining and Metallurgical Concern Kazakhaltyn “, sent to LLP” Nadir “.

Aerial photography was taken from a height of 60 meters above ground level. The absolute altitude of the land is 146.67 meters, the altitude of the flight along the route is 211.40 meters. To capture the bottom of the pit, the unmanned aerial vehicle was lowered below ground level. The altitude at the bottom point of the flight is 129.65 m.


The shooting of the sides and the bottom of the pit was complicated by the constant scree of the sides of the quarry, but the professionalism and dedication of the employees of Nadir LLP managed successfully with the task.

During the survey, 4,267 ultra-high resolution photographs were taken, which were used to build a dense cloud of dots and a 3D model of the quarry.

There is the mouth of the pit on the photo.career_3

As a result of the photo processing of photos, a dense cloud was constructed, consisting of 386,913,948 points. The next step was to build a 3D model of the pit with the accuracy of the model in the planned position is 0.05 cm, in the high-altitude – 0.10 cm, the overall accuracy of the model – 0.11 cm.

There is a section of the 3D model of the pit on the photo.career_4

The obtained data will be used by the JSC “Mining and Metallurgical Concern Kazakhaltyn” to develop the project “Isolation of underground mining works from the worked out area of ​​the quarry of the” Dalnyaya “zone of the” Bestobe mine “branch.

We are grateful to JSC “Mining and Metallurgical Concern Kazakhaltyn” for evaluating the company’s activities.

Performing works of any complexity at the highest level of quality is the credo of LLP Nadir!