Inventory of addresses (electronic maps) of 742 settlements in the Almaty region

We have successfully completed the work on the creation of electronic maps of 742 settlements in the Almaty region for publication on the Internet resource of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Our customers set the task for us to create actual electronic maps of all settlements of the Almaty region on a total area of ​​2327 square meters. km., which must contain all house numbers and street names that correspond to the information of the “Address register” information system.


Within 215 working days 12 field brigades totaling 72 people conducted an inventory of 401,953 addresses of buildings and structures. During this time, we walked 260 thousand km and drove by cars 174 thousand km.

To create maps, we used space images from several satellites: WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, GeoEye-1, Pléiades, a total area of ​​8908 sq. km.

Electronic maps were created by us in the ITRF2008 coordinate system.

43 of our cartographers processed field survey data and space survey data.

The results of comparing the actual addresses of buildings and structures with the data of the IP “Address register” were as follows:

  1. Total addresses in the IS “Address register” (at the time of work) 457 316
  2. Revealed on the ground (at the time of work) 401 953
  3. Correlated with the data of the IS “Address Register” 268 351 (58.7%)
  4. There are 188,822 (41.3%) missing on the ground
  5. Absence in the IS “Address Register” 133 416 (33.2%)

All of the above facts are systematized by us in 1426 acts, signed by authorized employees of local executive bodies.