Congratulations on the New Year 2018!

On New Year’s Eve, each of us anticipates future amazing events and new victories, sums up and analyzes the results of the outgoing year. And it became the custom that different people got different success- in this we are one.

Successes and achievements whole, at some got public ones, visible to many, at someone personal, but not less important thus. The main thing is that they are, acquired and that these successes “inspire our fates, souls simply speaking.”

The outgoing year will be remembered by a unique work on the inventory of addresses in 742 settlements of the Almaty region. The total area of ​​works was 2 327 square kilometers, in the process of inventorying 377 262 objects 60 of our employees passed more than 260 thousand kilometers.

Last year we introduced a professional unmanned aerial system into production. For the first time in our practice we made successful flights below the ground mark in the gold ore section and built its high-precision three-dimensional model.

The Internet resource “Electronic Architecture” which was created by us successfully helps developers to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for the design and construction of facilities in the city of Astana.

We continue to actively participate in the development of entrepreneurship. More than 97 thousand people became users of the Internet resource of the general plan of the city of Astana. Similar Internet resources were developed by us in the cities of Almaty, Uralsk and Shymkent.

Our employees constantly study modern technologies, attend international exhibitions and refresher courses, ensuring consistently high quality of the performed work.

Achievements and successes help us and our customers in victories, which firmly connect us with warm relations.

We wish you in the coming year peace, health, as much as possible warmth and comfort, inexhaustible vitality, discovering new perspectives, accomplishments and realizing the tasks set!

Let the new year bring you only positive emotions, pleasant impressions and significant events!

With respect and best wishes,
General Director of LLP “Nadir”, Andrey Chetvernya

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