Topographic and geodesic surveys

Large scale topographic survey (of 1:200; 1:500; 1:1000; 1:2000; 1:5000 and 1:10000 scales) is the most mass and popular kind of works as part of engineering and geodesic surveys.

The result of topographic survey execution is a topographic plan in digital, graphic, photographic and other form at which depending on the scale buildings, structures, facilities, underground, ground and above ground communication lines, elements of planning and landscaping, safe boards, roads, hydrography and hydraulic facilities, vegetation, terrain, etc. are shown.

Топографо-геодезические изыскания

Accurateness, completeness and degree of detail of the plan are determined by survey scale on the basis of supposed building objects tasks. For instance, topographic plans of 1:500 scale are used for purposes of landscape design, public services and amenities, detailed projecting of engineering networks and facilities and of 1:10000 and 1:25000 scales – for development of towns and localities plans, industrial hubs, transportation ways, territorial land development projects, etc.

Топографо-геодезические изыскания

In case of availability of qualitatively executed but obsolete topographic survey in connection with works executed at the object at the customer, in the archives of Nadir LLP or local authorized architectural body (Architecture and Town Building Department of the city of Astana), it is appropriately corrected (buildings, structures, elements of public services and amenities and engineering communications application).

Engineering and geodesic building support

Collection and analysis of the past years’ survey materials, creation of surveying geodesic networks, underground and over ground facilities surveying, line structures routes surveying, alignment and survey stationing of the planned engineering facilities, building axes survey stationing, buildings and structures deformation observation, special geodesic works (horizontal and vertical tie-in of mine workings, geophysical survey points, architectural projections and set-offs of buildings, underground facilities, survey stationing of trenches or dug pits, stationing geodesic works, existing railway stations and hubs surveying, determination of suspensions and deflections of power lines wires, etc.), execution and multiplication of engineering and topographic plans and other documentation, calculation of ground excavation, geodesic control of geometric parameters of buildings and structures under construction.

As-built surveys

At different building stages it is necessary to execute as-built survey that is compliance control of the executed works to the planned ones. As-built geodesic survey of structure elements and parts of buildings and facilities subject to as-built survey is established by the project organization.

All the over ground and underground communications are subject to obligatory as-built survey. Underground communication as-built survey is executed in open trenches and excavations prior to their back filling.

Office analysis

Office analysis of field survey materials is executed with the use of special-purpose, certified software GEONICS.

Works on conversion of graphic documentation (maps, plans, drawings, schemes, etc.) from paper into electronic form is executed as well

The whole complex of geodesic works is executed with the use of modern high-accuracy equipment: electronic tachometers, satellite positioning systems (GPS) and high performance licensed software.

Results of the executed geodesic works are provided in the form suitable for the customer