Astanagenplan SRDI LLP sent a letter of reference on the map survey performed in Astana

Sarsenbek Yendibayevich Zhunusov, Director of Astanagenplan Scientific Research Design Institute, sent a letter of reference on the map survey with scale 1:2,000 of the territory of Astana. The map survey was performed by Nadir LLP for elaboration of detailed land planning of the territory of the capital city of Kazakhstan.

The letter of reference of SRDI Astanagenplan LLP states that ‘Operations were performed from June through September 2015. The map survey was performed using modern surveying equipment and geo-information technologies. In performing the operations, Nadir LLP proved to be a professional that ensures good quality of the work. We recommend Nadir LLP as a responsible and reliable partner’. We appreciate that Sarsenbek Yendibayevich highly estimated the activities of the company. Our company arranged and performed the map survey of eleven land lots on the territory of Astana with the total area of 2,481 hectares within only three months. Initially, it was set forth that the work must be performed within six months. When the contract was signed, it was decided to reduce the term by two times, which did not prevent Nadir LLP from successful accomplishment of its contractual obligations. Our status of leader of information support of town-planning and architecture-and-construction activities, as well as the availability of large production facilities helped us complete the order within the term established by the customer while keeping high standards of quality. A high resolution satellite image of the territory of Astana was used to ensure quick supply of input data to Astanagenplan SDRI LLP, (WorldView-3).The use of the satellite image helped the customer accelerate development of detailed plans considerably, and receive the unique information about the condition of surface of the areas of Astana being surveyed. In addition, the satellite image helped control the field activities objectively. The climate conditions of the area of operations were not always good. One of areas being surveyed was located on the territory of Lake Taldykol. The open areas of the lake and swamped area with thick bed of rushes created obstacles for surveyors. In these difficult conditions, the surveyors of Nadir LLP performed over two thousand measurements of bottom depth. According to the measurements performed by Nadir LLP, the bottom relief of Lake Taldykol was built to be used by the customer for proper grading and leveling of the territory of future development of the capital city of Kazakhstan. Extremely high air temperature was also an obstacle for the surveyors, machines and equipment. According to a joint resolution of the management and employees of Nadir LLP, the work day began from 4:00 AM. High professional level and dedication of all employees of Nadir LLP helped them accomplish the operations at some areas ahead of time. Currently, our company is ready to perform the toughest work at constantly high quality level.