Corporate vacation at Sunkar Recreation Center at Zerenda Village


A good manager who pays attention to both corporate finances and his/her employees, who are the basis of the finances, knows well that the work collective is not just unknown people who work at the company, but the Team.

One of the factors determining the performance of our company is the team cohesion. For that purpose, we choose corporate vacation. It improves the corporate team spirit as nothing else. We do not arrange it as a basket picnic but as an activity. For that purpose, the last weekend we visited an excellent vacation area, Sunkar Recreation Center at Zerendy Village. It is the place with extremely picturesque landscape, and it will leave cold no one. We stayed at the recreation area for a day, and every minute was assigned to the active games scheduled. Like all good people, we arrived by the lunch. The lunch was very tasty, and home-made. Then, we had a short walk, and enjoyed fresh air filled with pine odors. And then, active games started. We played bowling, basketball, and football. In the evening, karaoke and dancing party were arranged. Later, we arranged a barbeque party. By the way, the meat for barbeque party was pre-marinated by the handymen of our team. The barbeque party was accompanied by guitar playing, songs around the bonfire performed by our all-round developed employees. Later, guests from Kostanai joined us. It was no wonder because it was very funny with us. In early morning, at dew-fall, we started hiking. The air was wonderful. The local scene was fabulous, and you see it on our photos. After hiking, we had a lunch, and went back home on a comfortable bus. The local administration was pleasantly surprised by our activity, and well, it is clear because we are active at both work and vacation.