Web timesheets


The system of accounting of working time «WebTimeSheet» prednaznachenie for the optimization of such a business process of a company, as keeping the timetable of its employees.

The main features of the system are:

  • Web-access to the single Timecard registration of working time with all the company's branches;
  • Daily monitoring of filling in timesheets and staff attendance;
  • Export of finished monthly time sheet attendance in MS Excel to print, transfer of corporate accounting and delivery of the reporting of attendance to the company management;
  • Automatic calculation of the bolnichniy business days;
  • Automatic calculation of working hours and minutes;
  • Automatic recognition of workdays and days off;
  • Reference book holidays and automatic transfer of output;
  • Possibility of manual korrektirovki weekends and holidays for each year;
  • Logging of changes in the time sheet;
  • Flexible management of the staff;
  • Grouping of employees by divisions;
  • Base integration of employees with LDAP and Active Directory;
  • Built-in system of roles and permissions of the users;
  • Integration with access control systems (ACS) FingerTec;
  • Intuitive graphic interface;
  • Various possibilities for configuring system;
  • Control of the dates of acceptance and dismissal employees with work.

For a more visual examples, You can see the screenshots of this application.

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