Unified information analysis system for water management


Unified information analysis system for water management of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – EASULR, the Portal was created in order to improve the system of water resources management and water efficiency. It is designed as an organizing link emerges of a single information space, is to improve the sharing and management of water information.

Means IASWR into a single information space uniting a large number of participants in the process of  the use of water resources,  starting with the primary water user and ending with the state-level governance (Committee for water resources at Ministry of agriculture of the RK). The system was developed using GIS technology.

IASWR designed for collection, processing, analysis, storage, transmission and presentation of data with the goal of systematically ensuring  managers of different level of information used in solving of management tasks, such as registration of the status of water resources, control over their use, monitoring of water resources and hydraulic structures, calculation of water balances.

The system is implemented as a WEB application, but divided into three blocks through different access to the system resources. Each block is intended for a range of users:

  • block users Committee for water resources (CWR)
  • block users basin inspection (BI)
  • block external users

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