State Town Planning Cadaster

The State Town Planning Cadaster (STPC) is a state system of quantitative and qualitative indicators including town planning regulations, cartographic, statistic and text information.

The information characterizes the territory of town planning, architectural and construction activities on grounds of its usage legal status, engineering and technical provision level, parameters and conditions of objects located on it, as well as natural climatic conditions and ecological condition.

Using the unique experience accumulated by the Company employees during creation of STPC of Astana, Nadir LLP conducts delivery, implementation and technical support of the automated information system for STPC (STPC AIS) of basic and regional levels.

When using STPC AIS, high performance indicators are achieved due to the use of a unique combination of the two main STPC AIS subsystems: Geo information subsystem and Cadastral document flow subsystem.

Geo information subsystem

I. City duty plan (actual condition)

The City duty plan module is developed on the basis of the following:

  • Archive materials of past years’ surveys – map-boards scale 1:500, scale 1:2000, scale 1:10000, scale 1:25000
  • Aerial photographic images.
  • Earth remote sensing data – space images.
  • Materials of topographical surveys scale 1:500, scale 1:2000.

The module’s data base includes more than 600 accounting objects, among them buildings and structures, land cadaster data (land plots involved in commerce in land), objects of engineering and transport infrastructure, natural landscape, public services and amenities, and landscaping.

Дежурный план города (фактическое состояние)

When developing the city duty plan, first an electronic map of the city is created based on materials of scale 1:2000 and a unified data base of city addresses is formed i.e. address register providing the main means for quick and effective localization of objects within the city.

It should be noted that no systematic renewal of topographic materials has been carried out since 90s of the previous century till now, which means that there is no reliable source of information for developing a full-fledged duty plan of the city.

This fact leads to the necessity of conducting topographic and geodesic surveys across the whole territory of the city of scale 1:500; and foremost, inventorying the utilities.

II. Summary city development plan (future condition)

The main purpose of this module is carrying out systematic collection, storage and provision to STPC AIS users of town planning project materials in the unified coordinate system of town planning space, which enables to operatively combine these graphic materials with those from the other two modules.

Сводный градостроительный план города (будущее состояние)

In the summary city development plan, existing graphic materials from town planning projects are once collected in a systematic way, following which they are constantly renewed using new ones:

  • LOCALITY MASTER PLAN (scheme for integrated town planning assessment of territories, master plan principal drawing, street and road network and transport scheme, engineering equipment and land development scheme).
  • SITE PROJECTS (site development sketch and functional urban development zoning plan, transport, street and road network arrangement scheme, engineering equipment and land development scheme, territory vertical planning and land development scheme, red line layout drawing, cross-sectional street profiles).
  • SITE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (site development master plan, landscape plan, excavation plan, utilities summary plan, buildings and structures layout).

III. Summary city architectural and building plan (process of actual reclamation)

The process of monitoring the actual reclamation of town and locality territories is an important element of the governmental regulation in town planning and architectural and building activities.

The Summary City Architectural and Building Plan actively interacts with the cadastral document flow subsystem. This module contains the following materials:

  • Allocation of land plots for the purposes of design, construction or reconstruction.
  • Allocation of land plots for the purposes of construction and reconstruction.
  • Draft design materials (Land plot master plan).
  • Schemes of the connecting routes between designed objects and utilities.
  • Graphic materials from construction projects.

Cadastral document flow subsystem

The cadastral document flow subsystem is a specialized production module of an electronic document flow turnaround system (DFTS) built on the basis of Optimus DFTS.

The cadastral document flow subsystem solves the following tasks:

  1. Registration and storage of town planning and architectural and building documents (hereafter referred to as documents).
  2. Keeping a data base of document requisites and document icons.
  3. 3. Generation and keeping of a cadastral record.
  4. Document transfer and administration.
  5. Automated generation of derivative documents.
  6. Archiving of cadastral records and documents.
  7. Generation of records.

The large practical experience of our professionals provides means for STPC AIS effective integration to established production processes in the management of town planning space development.

At the stage of budget requests generation and justification by architecture and construction authorized bodies, Nadir LLP provides services on pre-project investigation and development of design and estimate documentation, develops and agrees technical design assignment (technical specification).