GitLab — platform for organization of joint work with Git repositories


Our company actively operates in the field of software development. Projects carried out by our company are large and require the competent approach to the organization of the development process. In addition, our team of developers is distributed geographically, which imposes additional requirements on how they will form a single code base for our software products.

In order to have a good structured development environment, our team of developers actively use modern means of organization code, namely: the version control system git-web-management application code repositories GitLab,

GitLab is open source software to collaborate on code. Create projects and repositories, manage access and do code reviews.

GitLab allows you to

  • keep your code secure on your own server
  • manage repositories, users and access permissions
  • communicate through issues, line-comments and wiki pages
  • perform code review with merge requests

GitLab is

  • powered by Ruby on Rails
  • completely free and open source (MIT license)
  • used by more than 50.000 organizations to keep their code secure

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