ERS data delivery and processing

«Nadir» LLP specializes in the use of remote sensing materials in architecture, town planning and construction activities.

The list of services includes:

  1. Development and updating of topographic plans of the territories of populated localities, country districts, areas, regions (Scale 1:2000 and finer).
  2. Monitoring of the town planning space reclamation.
  3. Three-dimensional visualization of actual and design conditions of the objects of town planning regulation territories.

In «Nadir» LLP archives, high-resolution ERS materials are accumulated and constantly renewed for the territories of Astana, Almaty and all regional centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  1. Image color correction
  2. Image geographical reference
  3. Image orthotransformation
  4. Building of a mosaic from several images
  5. Reduction to the Customer’s map projection
  6. Slicing of images into individual frames
  7. Preparation of images for use in the Customer’s GIS