Electronic cadastral document flow

The Master Plan tool for town planning project realization enables its users either simply utilizing a ready-made template solution for the automation of maintenance of town planning projects.

Or carrying out business modeling of benchmark problems in the existing information system individually, without involving any developers.

Application main functions

1) Displaying spatial data:
  1. Site development duty plan.
  2. Land plot allocation duty plan.
  3. Master plan.
  4. Town planning map.
  5. Town planning regulations.
2) Creation and automatic registration of documents in a data base on the basis of templates using the MS Word format:
  1. Land allocation certificate.
  2. Architectural planning assignment.
  3. State acceptance commission act.
  4. Act of the acceptance of a completed project by the owner.
  5. Findings by a working commission on the readiness of a completed project to acceptance.
  6. Information note on the determination of real property addresses.
  7. Certificate of household buildings agreement.
  8. Land plot division certificate.
  9. Permit for placing an exterior (visual) advertising item in localities.
3) Organization of documents into files on every construction object with individual attributive data.

4) Direct linkage of documents with cartographic objects.

Practical opportunities

  1. Creation of document templates of any complexity level with cartographic data in the MS Word format, without involving any developers.
  2. Centralized information storage in an industrial data base.
  3. Unified user interface.
  4. Representation of information in a standardized and typical way.
  5. Direct linkage of any information in the system to any cartographic data.
  6. Automatic user action registration log (data creation, changing and deletion).
  7. Centralized management of users and their rights to access data.
  8. State-of-art Web interface.
  9. User support portal redmine.nadir.kz.
  10. Economically efficient solution.

«he Master plan» is developed based on software  ESRI ArcGisYii Framework and MetaGis.